Rental for Electric mobility scooter for Olympiapark Munich

Electric mobility scooter rental, Olympia Park Munich

Here you can make a reserveration to rent a mobility scooter for your visit to Olympia Park Munich.

These are four-wheeled electric vehicles with a top speed of 6 km/h (3,7 mph), a fast walking pace.

The rental is free of charge and is for everyone with restricted mobility, either permanent or temporary.

Who may rent a mobility scooter? 

  • You must be over 18
  • You must be able to drive the mobility scooter (You do not need to have a driver's license)
  • You may not be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • For rental you must bring an identity card with a photo and a deposit

How do I rent an electric mobility scooter?

  • You make a reserveration here. The rental is free of charge.
  • At the time of your reservation you come to our rental station.
  • You show us an identity card whith a photo which states your name, adress and date of birth.
  • You fill out our contract, tell us your phone number und leave a deposit
  • We show you how to use  the mobility scooter
  • If you are using a wheeled walker: Many types can be attached to the mobility scooter or you can just leave it at our rental station, where we store it for you.
  • If you are unsure about using the mobility scooter, we accompany you for the first part of your trip
  • During the whole rental you can call us under +49 159 04 68 47 15 if you have questions or problems
  • At the end of your rental you bring the mobility scooter back to our rental station, where you will get your deposit back
  • After the return we clean and check the mobility scooter and change the seat cover.

Which rules do i have to obey?

  • Only the person signing the contract may use the mobility scooter
  • You may only drive on hard-surfaced paths
  • You may not transport another person or big items. You may not tow something.

From whom am i renting?

This project was initiated by Dr. Georg Kronawitter in cooperation with the "Behindertenbeirat der Landeshauptstadt München" (advisory council for disabled persons of Munich) and is being carried out by Anderwerk.

Anderwerk is one of over 30 social enterprises, sponsored by the "Münchner Beschäftigungs- und Qualifizierungsprogramm (MBQ)" (munich program for employment and qualification). These social enterprise employ long-term unemployed people, help them get qualified and advise them to find new employment.

What is an electric mobility scooter?